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Standby Mode is nice tools for your blog. Standby Mode deliver a fully functional and simple way to help your website run requiring less energy to generate. It hides heavy animations, covers the window in white colors and pauses heavily running background processes.
How to instal into Blogger :
  • Log into your Blogger account Dashboard, select Layout - Edit HTML, do not forget to check the Expand Widget Templates.
  • Find code <head> in your blog template HTML script.
  • copy the following code into the <head>on your Blog
  • Paste the following code script was under the code <head>.
  • After that save

If you are wondering how it works,
Try activating it here

Thank you and the source of the following:

You should use the original script belongs, I use it and modify the code just for learning. sorry if this is against copyright owned by, because here I only to learning and there is no intention to infringe on the copyrights of


FaiK Fauzi MuLaCheLLa said...

Wah Gan... Setahu saya, OnlineLeaf kan upaya penghematan energy bagi dunia melalui pengendalian energy yang digunakan pada website atau blog. makanya warnanya hitam... kok ini malah putih... Dg warna putih b ukannya energi yg akan kelua semakin banyak,,,

Ini mah bukan GreenTechno... Tapi Good Job Gan..... NICE SHARE..

btw Blog saya, hosting di kok... ngga dimana-mana.... hehe

FaiKShare[dot]com said...

Oya Gan.... Follow saya juga ya... saya sudah follw....

Blogging News said...

Wew unique, really ii instead of white? black is usually a frugal hehehe.
jg but nice, add a little insight ..
good share

Indonesia said...

Keren Infonya Newbie mau belajar nich, makasih ya kakak

agen bola online said...

nggak terlalu berguna sih gan, cukup screen server kita saja sudah mengurangi global warming ^^

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