Wallshoot, Beret And Def Point Blank Cheat

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Your hobby of playing games online? Like playing Point Blank? Indeed, Point Blank is a war-themed online game, this game is pretty good from the features and design.

Cheat Collection Point Blank make your fans I intentionally make in this blog, which I present for you lovers of Point Blank.

Cheat this time I include a new Point Blank cheat at the end of 2010. Cheat Wallshoot, Beret & Def Point Blank. From the effects of this cheat is to defraud the opponent because our bullets can penetrate walls.

Cheat effect:
  • Wallshoot
  • Beret & Def+++

Hot Key:
  • Wallshoot ON : F1
  • Wallshoot OF : F2
  • Beret SG + Def + + + : F5
  • Beret Sniper + Def + + + : F6
  • Beret Assault + Def + + + : F7
  • Beret SMG + Def + + + : F8
  • Beret Pistol + Def + + + : F9

Cheat Point Blank this latest constrained by our team and has been tested 100% working. And if you find bugs please contact us, we will promptly correct.

Special thanks to: chandra cellolexis

Download :
WallShoot, Beret & Def +++ Point Blank Cheat


cukong said...

Thanks KK, sedot ahh

andri said...

Boookmark kk....connection error

Andhie said...

sedot ahhhh.........hehehe

admin said...

@andhie : silahkan gan...

master said...

thank you. download this for review PB cheat

dianadavis911 said...

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Diana Davis said...

I would like this game at this forum.
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