ARTAV Internet Security 2.1

Posted by admin wiki Sunday, January 2, 2011 4 comments
Artav antivirus is an antivirus program made by Indonesian children, recently Artav do updates with the latest version 2.1.

The look and features have changed, minimalist bugsnya also been improved.

New Features In ARTAVIS 2.1:
  • Protected-USB
  • Virus Type-Database
  • System Requirements
  • Monitoring Radar (Scan Whole Computer AV In Diam2 Like Outer Example: AVG, Norton, etc.)
  • Online Update (Not Perfect)
  • Auto-Virus Detected In Quarantine
  • Silent Scan-USB

Heuristic Update:
  • Unknown Virus (11 Variant)
  • Sality-Alman (ARTAV-Salman)
  • VBS.YUYUN (10 Variant)
  • Nimba
  • W32.Trojan
  • Virut/Vitro

Other AV List ARTAV The Support by:
  • AVG Antivirus / Internet Security
  • Free-Avira, Premium
  • Norton Antivirus & Internet Security
  • SmadAV
  • KAV & KIS
  • AV-Morphost


Information: Online Update is still under repair, and probably can only run on Specific Computers


tester said...

thank you bro..... test ya

puang jamal said...

mantap sobat.... makasi infonya... jangn lupa mampir di blog ane yooo... ane tunggu loch...

admin said...

@puang jamal : ok gan, test antivirus artav keren gan...

Chandra said...

weh mantap infona...

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